12 posters celebrating the achievements of the Revolution.

Posters are designed by Rene Mederos (1933-1996). Produced by Editora Politica , 1989.

There is a 13th poster in this series, it gives an English translation to the Spanish text on the posters. This is copied into the text below each poster and appears as it does on the poster.


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1 Thirty years of fighting for independence were frustrated by yanqui intervention. Puppet regemes lead the country through dead-end roads whithout hopes for the people. The Flame of liberty, however, was kept alive through the centuries. Marti was reborn, right on his centenery, at Moncada's garrison assault; people's concience was shaken, dawn was begining.

2 At Colorada's beach, yacht Granma unloaded its precious human cargo; eighty two men, who were the first receptives to dignities call. Fighting was enhanced at Sierra Meastra and increased to people's size at last, on one January first, light shone

3 People, in closed ranks, at the spring of Revolution, gave birth to mass organisations. Today, they have become the ties, schools and forges which are our brawney arms defending our conquests.